The mission of Sustainable NE Seattle is to support the transition of our community toward resilience and sustainability.
Connecting for a sustainable community
Connecting for a sustainable community
Hands On 2013

Hands On 2013

Third Annual Skills Fair and Community Potluck

A fun day of learning skills in partnership with Ravenna Eckstein and Meadowbrook Community Centers.

Workshop Schedule

A new wave is sweeping the country. People are recognizing the joy, satisfaction and security of being able to provide for our own needs, shifting from dependence on giant corporations to a healthy interdependence with our local community. Let's re-learn the skills our grandparents knew!

In partnership with Ravenna Eckstein and Meadowbrook Community Centers, Sustainable NE Seattle is organizing its third annual community skills fair called "Hands On." Over twenty folks from our neighborhoods have stepped up to share skills such as food preservation, grafting, tool repair, and making clothes.

The skills workshops are being held in two community centers simultaneously. Vanpools will be available.

The admission for the day is $15 for those who pre-pay through the Parks Department website (see instructions below), or $20 for at-the-door.

Here's a short video from the first year's Skills Fair.


Schedule for the Day

10 am - 5 pm, Ravenna and Meadowbrook Community Centers Fun, family-friendly skills workshops with hands-on demos. Learn a variety of practical skills related to food growing and preparation, crafting soap and medicinal herbs, household repairs, and non-electronic entertainment.

5:30 - 9:00 pm, Meadowbrook Community Center
Community potluck and square dance with The Ravenna Ramblers. Bring something to share. If possible, bring your own plates and utensils.

Instructions for Registering

  1. Explore the workshop offerings by viewing the workshop schedule to see what is being offered.
  2. To pay for the day in advance, you will need to set up an account at the Seattle Parks & Recreation web site, called SPARC. You can choose to do this either by phone or online:
    1. To pay by phone: call either community center (Ravenna CC 206-684-7534, or Meadowbrook 206 684 7522. They will walk you through the process of creating an account if you don't already have one, and signing you for the HANDS ON activity.
    2. OR to pay online: go to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Class Registration (SPARC) site. If you don't already have an account in the SPARC system, you will need to create one by following the instructions and waiting for your email from the SPARC system with your barcode and family PIN. Once you have these, log back into the SPARC system. In the field labeled "Search for programs by barcode," enter 96781 this will take you to the web page for this event where you can register for the day.

Most workshops are first-come first-served. The following classes are "reservation only" due to space restrictions or small additional fees: Building a Solar Cookers – barcode 101358; Pickling– barcode 101359; Sewing/Knitting–barcode 101360; VegEd: The Basics on Plant Based Protein – 101361; Mushroom Cultivation – 101362; Soap Making – 101363; Toothpaste and Tortillas – 101364; Feta Cheese Making – 101365; Making Nut Milks – 101366; Make it Yourself Herbal Products – 101367; Jam Making – 101368; Gluten Free Pasta Making – 101369

Enjoy the Skills Fair!