Energy Downscaling Action Plan

The Energy Downscaling Action Plan (EDAP; also known as the Energy Descent Action Plan) is what uniquely distinguishes the Transition process from all other "greening" efforts.  Early efforts of Transition initiatives (awareness-raising, reskilling events, networking) are designed to get a community ready to envision a powered-down, lower carbon future.  Next, the Transition initiative forms the working groups which will create the EDAP.  These teams analyze what resources we currently have to work with, create a vision of where we want to be and use backcasting techniques to determine the pathway toward that brilliant future.  After the EDAP is published, efforts are directed toward getting the EDAP ideas incorporated into other area planning tools (city planning, etc.).  Eventually, the Transition initative will focus on implementation of the EDAP:  gearing up skills, installing physical projects, building relationships, and accumulating the tools necessary to make the EDAP vision come alive.

Winston Churchill said: "Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential." When the community comes together in earnest to develop viable pathways towards a better, more abundant world that honors natural limits, new possibilies will begin to emerge. As Don Hall writes: "Especially in the light of peak oil, climate change, and economic crisis, the future is sure to be non-linear and completely unpredictable. Therefore, an Energy Descent Action Plan should be undertaken less as a formal blueprint than an iterative process and an exercise in developing our capacity to cultivate vision and work together as communities."