Peak Oil

  • Peak Oil Visually Explained (VIDEO 3 minute, English)
  • Peak Oil Primer, Energy Bulletin
  • Peak Oil for Dummies, Lionel Badal (ASPO peer reviewed)
  • Future Scenarios, by David Holmgren (shorter online version) or Future Scenarios: How Communities Can Adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change, by David Holmgren (expanded book version) (TLA)
  • PowerDown, by Richard Heinberg
  • "Can renewable energy make a dent in fossil fuels?" CNET review of book by Ripudaman Malhotra about the Cubic Mile of Oil
  • Quotes:
    • "One thing is clear: the era of easy oil is over" -- David J. O'Reilly, Chairman & CEO, Chevron Oil, July 2005 (source, additional source)
    • "Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand." -- Jeroen van der Veer, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell (source)
    • "One day we will run out of oil. We have to leave oil before oil leaves us, we have to prepare ourselves for that day. The earlier we start, the better, because all of our economic and social system is based on oil, so to change from that will take a lot of time and a lot of money and we should take this issue very seriously."  -- Dr Fatih Birol, the chief economist at the respected International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, which is charged with the task of assessing future energy supplies by OECD countries. (source)

Climate Change

Biocapacity (a.k.a. Global Footprint)

Economic Contraction