Next Steps

The following notes were captured during the after-dinner conversation.

Transition US should provide a website for communication between initiatives, and research capability

2-day conference is best.

Keep it for the same type of group for now, to keep energy focused.

Provide mentorship/ambassadorship

Do pre-conference surveys on what topics. Pre-determine the Open Space topics (allows more time to do research).

How to move the conference momentum forward.

Link with the Permaculture Convergence.

Have a "classifieds" wall for linking common interests.

Networking virtually via web forums. Divide the national network into regions

"Transition Cascadia"

Balance head, heart & hands. Today was too much "head"

These gatherings are to celebrate. Starhawk says to celebrate with songs, dance. More feminine energy.

The Permaculture Convergence will rotate between Washington and Oregon. Next year (2011) will be Portland

Plan a combined Permaculture/Transition convergence

But there are different constituents. What serves one group may not serve the other.

Whereever we have the next meeting, we should bring something to that place, or do something for that place while we are there

Have a retreat, e.g. cabin on Vashon. Really get away.

Big conferences attract the media. E.g. Friday night keynote speaker as media showcase. (Then the rest of the conference is private.)

Have small projects that can be done within the conference

Form a regional coordination body. Enable knowing who else is doing the same thing.

Taking care of yourself.

Avoid using labels. Weave the banks, farmers, artists, kids, etc.

More discussion on how to go beyond barriers

It's time to go deeper. "Step 13"

More discussion on how to apply pattern languages

Creating trade across the mountains

Once a year, not more often

Not "another organization," but social connections. Personal relationships that are built by meeting in person.

Need longer contact time than one day

Maestro telesalons


Consensus to have another regional gathering - 2 days. A mix of head and heart and hands. Some segments for a broader audience.

Volunteers to plan for next year's conference: Bill Aal (Seattle), Jim Newcomer (PDX), Allen Stockbridge (Whatcom), Shelby Tay (Vancouver), Ross Moster (Vancouver), Randy Chatterjee (Vancouver) and Cindy Blackshear (Olympic Peninsula), Karen Lanphear (Sandpoint), David Johnson (PDX), Leo Brodie (Seattle)

Possible locations: Vancouver, Portland, Vashon

Share email addresses of all attendees, except those who opt-out.