Transition Seattle is an alliance of organizations and individuals who believe in living within the limits of the earth's resources, with healthier lifestyles, and in resilient, creative, just, and collaborative communities. We believe in everyone's imagination, everyone's passions, everyone's skills and experience. We believe that envisioning and living the future we want is the first step to bringing that future into being.

The Transition model inspires communities to positively respond to climate change, oil depletion, and economic imbalances. It emphasizes a positive vision instead of inducing guilt, focuses on long-term planning, and recognizes that change must occur not only in government policy, but in the community, in the home, in the individual, and in the heart. Transition has spread to hundreds of cities & communities throughout the world.

Read about the Transition model in Yes! Magazine.

"While peak oil and climate change are undeniably profoundly challenging, also inherent within them is the potential for an economic, cultural and social renaissance the likes of which we have never seen. We will see a flourishing of local businesses, local skills and solutions, and a flowering of ingenuity and creativity. It is a Transition in which we will inevitably grow, and in which our evolution is a precondition for progress. Emerging at the other end, we will not be the same as we were; we will have become more humble, more connected to the natural world, fitter, leaner, more skilled and, ultimately, wiser." -- Rob Hopkins, The Transition Handbook

We're just getting started, so keep watching this space!